Since the product recall of DePuy's leading hip implants, ASR XL Acetabular System and ASR Hip Resurfacing System, people have been scrutinizing the company and their previous and present actions. It has been narrated in reports that these devices have a flaw in its design that allows metal ions to leak into the the bloodstream and surrounding bone, tissue and sinew that triggers dizziness, hip pain, difficulty moving and cobaltism (cobalt poisoning). This has led to hundreds of lawsuits being filed against the orthopedic manufacturer.

However, the people who are actually in the brunt end of the failings of the hip replacement units each have a story to tell. It is important to see every case as unique even though their circumstances are similar. Here are four individuals who have been highly affected by the product recall.

Kim Horbas. Ms. Horbas went through a hip replacement surgery back in February of 2008. A 'clicking' sound coming from her hip was noticed a few months after the implantation. Deciding to consult her physician, it was then found out that her hip prosthesis have been damaged enough that she requires another hip surgery or what is known as a revision surgery.

Virgil Lewis. Pain was experienced by Mr. Lewis subsequently after being implanted with the ASR XL Acetabular System. Deciding to seek medical expenses, emotional upset and punitive damages instead of undergoing the claims process set up by DePuy.

Jacqueline Lum. The first plaintiff from Hawaii, Ms. Jacqueline Lum began feeling tremendous pain in her hip area making her take pain relievers so she can sleep at night. Additionally, toxic levels of cobalt and chromium were found in her bloodstream, an indication of metallosis.

Kathleen Margenau. In March 2008, Ms. Margenau had to subject herself to another hip replacement procedure after being implanted with an ASR XL Acetabular System. She also asserted that surgeons were not informed of the defect of the hip devices although the company had knowledge of it.

A common factor among these ASR hip recipients is that they chose to file a DePuy hip replacement lawsuit after being harmed by the implants. Seeking legal help would help you sort out your options and maybe gain you the compensation you needed. 


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